Thursday, August 18, 2011

michelle obama fashion | michelle obama fashion 2011

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Whatever Michelle Obama wears in public is destined to become just as infamous as she is. You can tell when she steps out of the White House that she is completely comfortable and confident in what she is wearing. She may have been helped along by a professional stylist or two, but from the first day she hit the spotlight beside her now-President husband Barak Obama she stole the fashion limelight.

Michelle's style is completely classy yet feminine in a subtle manner. You probably won't catch her wearing pink lace very often, but you can find her wearing tops that seem to flow gracefully from her body with the perfect accessories to bring out her feminine whiles in a very classy manner.

What you won't ever catch Michelle Obama wearing is anything that shows her butt cheeks or lets her breasts come out for a tan. She covers her body and dresses in a manner befitting the First Lady, but she also has a sense of elegance and classic style that every woman wants to imitate. She has shown the world that you can be womanly and sensual without being overtly sexual.