Thursday, August 18, 2011

90s fashion | 90s fashion dresses

90s fashion dresses

Some people claim that 90s fashion was horrible and will never be repeated, but I say those people are complete idiots. I have a deep and lustful affinity for all 90s fashion. From plaid shirts, plaid skirts, and Nirvana t-shirts to faded Levi's and neon colors, 90s fashion will NEVER go out of style.

The 80s were just ending and the world needed a transitional period in order to evolve past the antiquated notions of jheri curls, teased-out hair-dos and cocaine. Something flashy and fun and extreme seemed like the next logical step.

It all goes back to my earliest years watching Beverly Hills, 90210. Having a sister four years my senior, being babysat by her meant being subjected to all the stereotypical teen girl television because she was always in control of the remote due to seniority. This included shows like The Real World, My So-Called Life, and the aforementioned pinnacle of teen entertainment, 90210. I would usually dread these kinds of teenage-girl-oriented television shows and loathe every minute I spent viewing them, but then I really started to like them.