Monday, August 15, 2011

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shorts for girls

shorts for men

As for the gentlemen – I was AMAZED last week when at a big fun summer party at a gallery/cafe that no joke, over 80% of the guys in attendance were wearing cut-off jean shorts! It was so prevalent that it was actually pretty comical. I felt like saying, “OK, OK, I get it! Cut-off’s are cool for guys this summer!” So, I hope you didn’t get rid of your jeans from high school.…oh, you did? What? You’re not the size you were in high school anymore? Guess what – EVERYONE thought better of their cut-offs at some point, and donated them to grateful thrift stores. And now that they’re trendy again, you can go into Thrift Town and get someone else’s re-cool shorts. Or go to Thrift Town, and buy an affordable pair of jeans that fit you well and cut them off yourself.