Friday, August 19, 2011

top fashion blogs

The blogosphere has become more than an online journal. Many more people use blogs to practice their favorite hobbies, to inform and stay informed about the latest news and to promote their business. Fashion remains, however, one of the most researched subjects on the Internet due to its versatility and its ever changing trends which determine both men and women to look for more information.

According to the recent Google report, it appears that the most famous fashion blog is This website is the first to publish the latest fashion and hairstyle trends. On top of that, there are numerous picture galleries with collections of internationally famous designers where both men and women can get inspired for their outfits.

On the second place is the website called which is centered primarily on fashion accessories. Viewers can, thus, stay up to date with the latest designers' accessories and even create their own vintage bags, ladies dresses, brooches and other jewelry. As a matter of fact, vintage and do-it-yourself accessories are highly appreciated at present by female consumers; hence, the popularity of this site.

The third most visited fashion blog is, according to Google rankings, Imran Amed's 'The business of fashion' where people can find out new and interesting facts about the money making industry of fashion. The author is interested in aspects related to the promotion of fashion businesses and other transactions that take place within designers' businesses.

'My fashion life' is the occupant of the fourth position in our brief classification. The website focuses on the reproduction of celebrity looks and recent news in the fashion industry. If you want to know which the best bargains and deals are, you can take a look at the pages of this blog and you will immediately find out everything you need to know.

Since women love shoes so much, "Sea of Shoes", the fifth most blog on our list, contains information about the latest shoe collections. The website addresses both the masculine and the feminine public, so every segment of consumers can learn useful things about these priceless accessories.

You may actually use these blogs to find the best online shops commercializing designer dresses, jackets, suits, etc. You don't want to enter the new year without knowing what is fashionable, so you'd better consult online fashion blogs and stores to purchase winter collection outfits.