Friday, August 26, 2011

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Summer Festival fashion

It's anniversary time, and they anticipation you ability acquire a nice timesome tips on how to attending absurd and be able for some anniversary fun.

Celebs like Katy Perry and Alexa Chung acquire already been alive some key trends at festivals this year and there's limitless of options, from playsuits to wellie boots.

They anticipate your anniversary appearance kit for 2010 ought to include:

- Hunters Wellingtons (they adulation their abbreviate brindled 'festival 2010' boots)
- Denim shorts
- Tie dye/fringed scarf
- Playsuit
- Tie dye/retro tee
- Panama hat
- Retro shades
- Mini-dress
- Waterproof poncho
- Over-the-knee socks

One time you have created your look, you charge to bottle it, so booty a obtainable bag with items such as a bunched mirror, miniature deodorant, duke sanitiser, dry absterge and the all-important wet wipes. This stuff will be account their weight in gold.

Get the look Festival

Don't be tempted by flip-flops or annihilation that you are not able to cede in the name of fun! Don't balloon to booty news story balmy to abrasion afterwards on; a comfortable sweatshirt will be actual acceptable at 3am.

Makeup wise, accumulate it low-maintenance afterwards the aboriginal day and night. By all agency access in abounding architecture but acquire that the best way advanced from day is to accomplish use of your wipes and stick with the basics. They would acclaim taking: mascara, concealer, a kid bunched bronzer and some lip balm/gloss.
Your hat and sun shades may able-bodied become your best accompany at a festival. Not alone do they accumulate the sun off, they are simplest way to accord with assertive beard and bedraggled eye makeup.